We started our activities in Rotterdam, in the 1980s, with the support of Brazilian companies in international banking transactions and representation in commercial arbitrations, we acquired the basis of our commercial culture.

And since 2000, starting with the pioneering containers of the IAC – Caiapó variety for Unilever BV – Rotterdam, we have been active in the peanut export agro-industry.

First contract of peanuts exportation of Brazil, in december, 2000

Newspaper concerning the first Brazilian exportation of peanuts.


Since 2016 we have been working on a new technology for the Industry: a peeler that produces less splits due to its different way of working, increasing productivity. We recently finished building our industry for peanut processing services.

We try to work in search of the highest efficiency and quality for that we have electronic scales and a 3-channel electronic sorter.

3-channel electronic selector recently acquired by Samtraco.


We’ve finalized our trade control system, NETSATRA, a system that will facilitate and organize the life of the trader. To learn more, visit the link. 

Fluorometer VICAM acquired by Samtraco to check Aflatoxin levels

80.000 Tons

of Exported Grains

More Than 70 Customers

Around the World

8.500 Tons

Exported Oil




We always seek to improve all our work processes. From offer to delivery. Always attentive to market demands.


We move for the new. Market trends, requests from our customers and partners are the engine of our actions. 


We constantly seek better technological solutions for our customers, through platforms, applications and website.


The application developed for trade facilitation and integration

NetSatra allows remote access to all tasks that require the attention of your team, making your life immensely easier.