The application developed for trade facilitation and integration

What is the NetSatra?

NetSatra is the system created by Samtraco in partnership with Cas to manage purchase and sale contracts that require absolute precision in all of its phases: from its signature to completion.

Why choose the NETSATRA System

How does NetSatra work?

Managing all shipments and events related to contracts, NetSatra keeps under strict control all the actions that need to be carried out for the perfect fulfillment of the informed contracts. In this way, avoiding any error or loss of dates for events related to shipments.

All information on events related to contracts (responsible parties, dates, status, etc.) will be available for viewing in real time, through a Dashboard generated by the program, facilitating consultation and decision making in case of need.

Why subscribe to NetSatra?

In addition to preventing possible delays in holding events, NetSatra offers invaluable comfort and organization by creating an optimized and secure workflow. Containing data on all offers, contracts, shipments, shipping-related events, buyers, sellers, banks, ports, etc.

NetSatra generates the contract documents and offers for you to print or send directly to the customer, eliminating the parallel organization of “folders with documents” saved on the computer.

Furthermore, it allows remote access to all tasks that require the attention of your team, to whom these tasks are assigned and the status of accomplishment, making your life immensely easier.